Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"What's the game plan here?"

I'm on vacation right now, away from most of my books, but when I return to campus I shall be posting poetry and bits-and-bats, pieces of interesting documents, quotes, that sort of thing. I may, if the notion is still interesting when I get back, also do book reviews. Starting with Crompton's Homosexuality and Civilization, which has been sitting on the shelf waiting for my ecstatic glowing praise for some time now.

Drove to Cody's house. He lent me some primary source books on Byzantine history, in case they should prove useful in our search the Byzantine homosexuality he wants me to do a post on- nobody has done any studies as of yet. About the extent of it in academia is comments on how Theophanes accuses Constantine V of every vice under the sun ("effeminacy and summoning of demons pleased him, and ever since he was a boy he had partaken of every sort of soul-destroying practice"). These sort of comments are what caused me to get all excited about this book as potentially useful. Most of the things it's actually talking about in reference to homosexuality are actually references to the laws of Justinian, boo. He did lend me The Chronicle of Theophanes, Fourteen Byzantine Rulers, Women of Byzantium (in regard to which Blogger is being an ass and won't let me link), and the Annals of Niketas Choniates. I suspect these will not actually be helpful, but are rather Stage 2 of Cody's dastardly plan to get me to study his field.

On the other hand, he did buy me John Addington Symond's translation of Benvenuto Cellini's autobiography, so I guess he's off the hook for now.

No, wait, Cody, come back! You know I love you.


Aleksandr Voinov said...


I added you to my blogroll - sorry, my blog's in German, but I'm also around on LJ. Keep up the good work!

Hyakinthia said...

Thanks for linking! I'm always glad to hear I'm doing good, I get nervous. :D