Thursday, September 13, 2007

Murray’s introduction to Boy-Wives and Female Husbands, page 11: “Up until that time, most European words for homosexuality were derived from mythical originators and precedents—sodomy from Sodom, catamite from Ganymede, lesbian from Lesbos. The new taxonomy—Urning, homosexual, transvestite—labeled people in terms of intrinsic psychic and physical traits they were believed to possess, which categorically distinguished them from others.”
Except “Urning” comes from Aphrodite Urania, the aspect of the Greek love goddess ruling over male love. Murray must be one of those people who thinks Ulrichs was actually a scientist or something.

“Urning” is “Uranian” in English. If your first thought was purile humor you are not alone. Oh multilingual coincidence, how I love you.

An unrelated Urania is the Muse of astrology and astronomy. Uranus, Father Heaven, was the grandfather of most of the Olympic gods, so “of the heavens”, “heavenly love”, et cetera.

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