Friday, August 24, 2007

Lesbian Sex=Boneless Babies

Okay, you guys. I have two stories from two totally different cultural backgrounds (Vedic and Amerindian) with the same idea: Lesbian couples can magically have their own babies, but the child won't have any bones. Just how common is the connection between erections and bone? Also, do any of you have anything to add here I don't know?

From the Ramayana (Vanita, Same-Sex Love in India, pg 101): "The two wives of Dilipa took a bath. They lived together in extreme love. After some days, one of them menstruated. Both of them knew one another’s intentions and enjoyed love play, and one of them conceived.
"Ten months passed, it was time for the birth. The child emerged as a lump of flesh. Both of them cried with the son in their lap: ‘Why did the three-eyed one bless us with such a son? He has no bones, he is a lump of flesh, he cannot move about.'"

From The Assiniboine (Katz, Gay American History, pg 320): "He saw his sister nursing the child. Approaching he asked, 'Which of you has seduced the other?' His sister answered, 'Your wife persuaded me to elope with her.' The infant was continually crying. It looked like a football; it had no bones in its body, because a woman had begotten it."

Cody says, "Thesis!"

Edit 7-29-09: I've thought about this some since then, though haven't done any extensive research or anything- possibly a true coincidence and I should look into unauthorized female sexuality, proscribed sex acts, and birth defects? Woman on top, adultery, sex while pregnant, etc. I know I've seen things along those lines too. Still interesting to pull these two examples out and compare them, though.

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